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Physical & Professional Safety for Commercial Motor Vehicle Drivers During Covid-19

Huge thanks from everyone in the USA to all drivers of commercial motor vehicles. Your service to the country is truly essential – always has been, and now more than ever. 

Protect yourself, physically and professionally, during the pandemic. Physically, stay six feet away from others, wash your hands frequently and wipe or disinfect commonly touched surfaces.

Professionally, avoid giving law enforcement a pretext to stop you, the most common pretext being a motorist calling 911 to allege lane deviation, which almost always involves a commercial driver using a cell phone. A court conviction for Improper/Erratic Lane Change, Texting While Driving CMV, or Telephone Use While Driving a CMV is a Serious Disqualifying Offense. Two such offenses within three years results in a 60 day CDL Disqualification, and consequent loss of employment in most cases. If you have been cited for these offenses or any other moving violations either during CDL operation or Class D operation, call experienced counsel. 

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