Testimonials About Traffic Defense, OWI/DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Hayes

Testimonials About Traffic Defense, OWI/DUI and Criminal Defense Attorney Michael Hayes

Wisconsin Attorney Michael Hayes proudly shares with you some of the positive feedback he and his team have received from clients during more than 25 years of criminal defense legal practice defending people charged with OWI and drunk driving offenses in Milwaukee, as well as possession of controlled substances and more.

OWI Not Guilty Verdict in Ozaukee County OWI

I can not be more thrilled with the outcome of my OWI (Operating Under the Influence) charge in Ozaukee County. My case was very complex and unique, and Mike Hayes was 100 percent committed to my defense. My case had started over two years ago, and we eventually reached the point of a jury trial. He did an unbelievable job in representing me at trial, and when the jury walked back into the room, it was a unanimous decision of NOT GUILTY. The verdict of NOT GUILTY was such a relief as this verdict is not common in Ozaukee County. I choose the right man for the job and I would highly recommend him for any traffic matter and especially any charge of Operating Under the Influence.

Criminal OWI dismissed in Milwaukee County

After repeated efforts to get the prosecutor to realize that the case against me had serious evidentiary flaws, Attorney Hayes convinced the prosecutor to dismiss all charges in January 2018. His confidence, professionalism, and communication were all outstanding. Highly recommended.

Superb lawyer

Worked with Michael Hayes on three different occasions within the last two years. Two dealing with driver’s license issues resulting from a DUI and another on a criminal case. All three times Mr. Hayes has worked hard, been honest and communicated with us through the entire process. The outcomes that we received were better than we ever expected. I will recommend him to any and everyone and will use him again if the situation arises.

Highly recommended

After a dismissal of my OWI charges in Waukesha County, I told Attorney Hayes that I knew when he walked into court that he commanded respect. He skillfully peeled away the officer’s supposed justifications for the investigation and arrest at a motion hearing. The judge granted our motion to suppress all evidence, leading to the complete dismissal of all charges. If you want a lawyer that commands the respect of courts and gets great results, this is the guy.

I hired the right lawyer

Attorney Michael Hayes got me out of a lot of trouble after I was arrested for two OWIs within a few months in 2019. The state wanted the judge to put me in jail for 120 days. Attorney Hayes did a great job of getting the judge to only order 7 days in jail. And he negotiated so two criminal traffic charges were dismissed. I was never in trouble before, I’ll never be in trouble again, but when I was in trouble, I hired the right lawyer.

Driver of Company Truck Appreciates No IID Order

In October 2019, a Muskego case involving a blood alcohol concentration of .17 was concluded without an Ignition Interlock Device order which was of great benefit to our client who currently is required to operate a company truck.

Grateful trucker

In February 2019, an owner-operator emailed “Thank you very much.  You will have my every recommendation to my trucker friends!”

A grateful taxi cab driver

In November 2019, a cab driver arrested for operating under the influence wrote: “Thank you so much.  I will be in your debt for all my life.  God bless you and your family.”

Mom says Attorney Hayes saved my son’s life

In August 2019, the mother of a client charged years ago with OWI 3rd in Wisconsin was experiencing the threat of loss of employment in Florida unless he could clear up discrepancies that were preventing him from getting a Florida license.  Attorney Michael Hayes promptly intervened and the client was issued his license.  His mother wrote, “You again saved my son’s life.  It’s been a long road.  I finally have some peace of mind.  You not only saved my son but you saved me.  Bless you.”

Beating the Department of Corrections

The father of one of our clients called in February 2016 after an administrative law judge ruled against the Department of Corrections which was seeking probation revocation following a criminal arrest for contributing to death by delivery of heroin. “What you did is unheard of – beating the Department of Corrections at the revocation hearing. My son was so lucky to have you as his lawyer. It’s just unbelievable. I can’t tell you how much this means to my son and my family.”

OWI 7th Dismissed

“What great news! Now maybe I can get some sleep. I was so worried. Thank you very much. Greatly appreciated,” wrote the mother of our client who, following a suspected operating under the influence incident, was illegally lured out of his residence in Milwaukee County by law enforcement purporting to have authority to enter for a probation search. Entry illegal; evidence suppressed; case dismissed.

Voice Mail in January 2017 from a Client whose Gun Charges were Dismissed

“You have just made my day. I don’t know what I would have done without you. For 28 years you have always been there for me and my family.”

Reopening and Amending Cases Gets Our Client a Job

A client in August 2015 said, “Thanks so much for reopening the traffic convictions and sending the letter with my updated record. I passed along the information to the place that wouldn’t hire me because of my record. They sent it to their insurance company and I just got a phone call saying I’ve
been hired for the job I really wanted.”

Speeding Ticket for CDL Driver Amended to Parking Violation

“Thank you for much for the great result. Our CDL client and our firm are very pleased with the results. We will refer all our clients with Wisconsin traffic matters to you in the future,” from an attorney for nationwide trucking firm in January 2015.

4 Days Incarceration for OWI 2nd Offense

“It is impossible for me to convey appropriately how happy I am with the result of the case. I still may be in a state of shock over the length of sentence that you were able to get me. I caused a great deal of stress in my life with the arrest, but you provided excellent legal counsel ensuring not only the best outcome but personal piece of mind. During this entire process, you exceeded all my expectations for legal representation. Your professionalism and legal expertise are second to none. From the bottom of my heart thank you for helping me get through this difficult time in my life.” From our client with a 2014 OWI 2nd offense, BAC .17, Milwaukee County.

Reckless Driving Amended to Equipment Violation

“I have to tell you – you did an amazing job and I’m so grateful. I am telling all my family and friends about the work you did. Thank you!” From a very satisfied client in April 2015.

Mother Grateful for Felony Drug Offense Dismissal

“I was going to call you, but didn’t think I could speak without crying. Words can’t express how grateful and happy I am at the outcome of this situation. I want to thank you for all of your help, and for getting my son a second chance. I can’t begin to express what it means to me, and of course to my son. I can guarantee you that he will not take this chance for granted. I believe everything happens for a reason, even this experience as horrible as it is, has served a purpose. It has made my son reevaluate everything in his life, and he has realized how much he wants to achieve his goals. I know he will not do anything to hinder that from happening ever again. My son has the determination to do great things with his life, and I know he will. Like I told you before, he really is a wonderful young man. Thanks to you, he will not have to explain a mistake the rest of his life, or be restricted from seizing every opportunity in life. Again, thank you for everything. You truly are the best. I will always remember what you did. One day you will hear from us again, with another huge thank you, once my son has achieved his goal of success.” From our client’s mother in September 2015.

Felony Drug Charge Dismissed

“After many long months we can sleep with a little peace of mind – content, happy and relieved.” Email from a client in October 2013 following dismissal of all drug charges in Milwaukee County.

Electronic Monitoring after 10 Days for OWI 4th Offense

“I will definitely refer you to everyone,” said our client who was well aware that most OWI 4th offenders are ordered to serve at least 9 months at the Milwaukee County House of Correction. He spent 10 days with Huber release at the House of Correction and spent the remainder of his sentence
at home on electronic monitoring. May 2015.

OWI and Underage Alcohol

“A very fine job and you gave us a very fair deal on attorney fees. It’s good to know there are lawyers like you around. I will pass on your name to everyone I know.” April 2015 phone call from mother of 18 year old cited for operating under the influence and underage alcohol.

Sincere Thanks from Sex Offender Client

“I want to thank you again for your services and for constantly reminding me to keep my head held high. We could not have asked for a better attorney in a situation like this.” September 2015.

You Can Always Call Us

25 years ago I memorized the number 414.291.9911 for the lawyers at Hayes & Rothstein. Whenever I have any trouble in my auto, this is who I call. I always refer my friends for accident, injury, and traffic tickets. Love these guys!

Business People Refer Their Clients to Us

Thank you very much. I did appreciate everything you did for me. You are well ingratiated with all of my friends and certainly any of my existing clients will be referred to you as well if things come up that are in your line of practice and even if they’re not in your line of practice, I know you’re always a good reference for people in the Milwaukee area who did help in other legal areas. Thank you for all your help and support. It was greatly appreciated.

We Call You Back and We Work Hard – and It Works

In June 2012, Hayes & Rothstein concluded my OWI case in Milwaukee County with an amendment to reckless driving. After contacting 6 other lawyers that did not want to take my case or took days to get back to me Hayes & Rothstein answered the phone and I explained the case details to an attorney who took my case and assured me he would do his best to get it dropped or reduced. I was arrested for operating under the influence 2nd offense. We discovered that certain details from the police reports from 3 jurisdictions did not match. He filed a motion challenging the right of the officer to stop my vehicle. My attorney worked really hard throughout the whole case. Things worked extremely well. Rather than going to jail for 60 days which is what the State was pushing for, there was no jail. The end result was no more than a traffic ticket. This was important to me because my job depended on maintaining a license and my future professional plans would have been in jeopardy if I had been convicted of operating under the influence for a second time. I want to thank Hayes & Rothstein for giving me another chance.

OWI 2nd Offense Dismissal – That is Incredible!

A client in February 2011 with a Milwaukee County criminal OWI case left a voice mail message:

I don’t even know what to say. I am so happy. This is just a fantastic job. This is fantastic news. The whole thing is dismissed, gone, over, done. Wow, that is incredible! The judge obviously made the right call and the right decision. That is just fantastic. I cannot be happier. Thank you!

Recommended by Milwaukee Lawyers

I thought you might like to know that after finding you on Google, one of my friends who’s with a large law firm in Milwaukee also referred to me your firm. You guys have built a solid reputation over the years.

We Go the Extra Mile

I want to thank you for your help with my husband’s legal matters in Dodge County. You went the extra mile for him and we are very happy we had you on our side. If you could send me some of your business cards we would like to pay this forward to someone else in need of your services.

So thank you again.

Resident of Hartford

Endorsed by Milwaukee Firefighter

In May 2012 a retired Milwaukee Fire Department battalion chief charged with operating under the influence wrote:

Thank you for your professional service. I could not have wished for a better outcome given the circumstances.

You are One Great Lawyer

You did a kick-ass job on my drunk driving case.  I’ve been telling all my friends you are one great lawyer.

Andrew in April 2013 following the successful conclusion of a criminal OWI

One Hell of a Recommendation

You will get one hell of a recommendation from me based on the way things turned out, you really knew how to pull some strings.  My family and I want to really thank you for everything you did.

Joe in August 2013 following the successful conclusion of a criminal OWI

Bailiff Says: “You’re in the 5 to 10 Percent That Don’t Go to Prison”

The bailiff told me as we were walking away that when I came in he had all the paperwork ready to send me to prison for 18 months.  When I hired you I really thought I would be going to prison but I was impressed with how ‘scary organized’ you were.  I had faith in the plan that you established and I did everything you told me to do – and you were right – and I’m very grateful that I am able to serve a Huber release sentence so that I can continue to support my family.  It means everything to me.  You’re a great lawyer.

Client in August 2013 following sentencing for OWI 5th offense

You’re My Only Attorney

When I got home after seeing you I saw so many letters from other attorneys but you’re my only attorney.  You’re fantastic!

Gino in April 2013

My Attorney said I had a Good Case that should be Fought

Following a one person motorcycle accident on the Milwaukee expressway I was shocked to learn that I was charged with operating under the influence of an intoxicant. I had never been accused or convicted of anything like this. My attorney at Hayes & Rothstein told me that fighting the case would be very expensive and that I would have to appear in court many times but that I had a good case that should be fought.  He was right on all counts.  More than 18 months after I was arrested and after 7 court appearances (with 3 scheduled trial dates), the case was amended to reckless driving. There was no suspension or revocation of my license, I wasn’t required to do an assessment or counseling. I wasn’t required to have an Ignition Interlock Device installed and – this is the best part – I don’t have a conviction on my record for operating under the influence.  I am grateful to Hayes & Rothstein for all the hard work which included securing records and testimony from EMTs and the hospital showing that I sustained head trauma in the incident.  I strongly recommend Hayes & Rothstein.

Kevin in Germantown, September 2013

Mother Grateful for Dismissal of Son’s Drug Case

I was going to call you but didn’t think I could speak without crying.  Words can’t express how grateful and happy I am at the outcome of this situation.  My son has the determination to do great things with his life and I know he will. Like I told you before, he really is a wonderful young man.  Thanks to you, he will not have to explain a mistake the rest of his life or be restricted from seizing every opportunity in life.  You truly are the best.  I will always remember what you did.  One day you will hear from us again, with another huge thank you, once my son has achieved his goal of success.

Mother in October 2013

My Daughter Successfully Passed a Background Exam

My daughter graduated from college and starts an excellent job next Monday here in Chicago.  I am glad that we live in a society where a second chance is available to those who use it wisely – and I am grateful that you were able to secure for her this second chance during what had been a dark time of conflict in our household.

Father in June 2013

Best Attorney in Wisconsin

Thank you for your outstanding representation.  I will always refer to you as the best attorney in Wisconsin.  Thank you for giving me my life back.

Jack in May 2013

I was Screaming in my Car, I was so Excited

I am just so excited about how you eliminated the Ignition Interlock Device requirement despite my BAC of .18.  When I heard this I was screaming in my car, I was so excited!  Thank you so much.  It really means the world to me.

Kate in June 2013

It Doesn’t Get Any Better Than That, Does It?

Great job today!  I heard about the outcome from John who told me on his way back from court.  I guess it doesn’t get any better than that, does it?  I just want to say I give you the kudos that you richly deserve.  Great job!  Thank you.

October 2013 voice mail from director of a large drug treatment clinic in Milwaukee following sentencing without any incarceration upon conviction for fraudulently passing a forged prescription to obtain Oxycodone

My Mom Has So Much Confidence in You

Here’s what a September 2010 letter said.

I would like to thank you for representing me with my problem with the local police department. I was really happy when my mom told me the outcome. I now know why my mom has so much confidence in you.

Hopefully, I won’t need your services again, but it’s nice to know you are there in case of anything. I will pass your name and number around to my friends if they get any tickets.

Thanks again.

We Can Get You a Good Deal

I just want to thank you for the deal that I received. It would have been nice for less time but after thinking about what I could have got and talking to the other inmates I am very fortunate. Thanks again and if there is anything I can do for you besides sending more clients your way don’t hesitate to call.

Recommended by Professionals

In April 2011, a doctor wrote:

Thank you so much. I will use you again without a doubt as well as recommend you. I appreciate your hard work.

We Go to Court so You Don’t Have To

I have used Hayes & Rothstein twice for traffic tickets. I am a physician and am extremely busy. I do not have the schedule flexibility to go to and battle for reduced points on my tickets. Hayes & Rothstein came highly referred by a former client whom is a friend, and I must say that they have done an outstanding job for me. My attorney is easy to get a hold of, promptly gets back to you, effortlessly takes care of the stress and inconvenience of dealing with your tickets for you at an affordable rate. I would recommend him to anyone.

No Jail and No Fine

I was arrested for OWI in Waukesha County in September 2011 with a reading of .20. I was sure I would going to jail for a long time. After I hired Hayes & Rothstein we kept going over the case looking for a way to at least avoid a jail sentence. My attorney strongly recommended that we file a motion challenging the right of the officer to stop my vehicle. We did the motion hearing. I did not have to testify. The case was dismissed with no jail and no fine. The interesting thing is that even if we hadn’t won the motion, I would have been grateful for all the extra effort that Hayes & Rothstein took to get me the very best result. They came strongly recommended by a family member and as my case went on I saw why.

Hayes & Rothstein Really Knows How to Handle These Cases

Despite having the misfortune of being charged with operating under the influence 2nd offense in Milwaukee County after Sheriff Clarke discontinued electronic monitoring, Hayes & Rothstein was able to resolve my case without any jail time being served in regular jail or the Huber jail. If I ever have any other problems I will definitely call him and if anyone I know needs help I will definitely recommend them. They really knows how to handle these cases.

OWI 2nd – No Jail – You Did It!

A client with a Milwaukee County criminal OWI case left a voice mail message after sentencing in February 2009:

I just wanted to call and thank you again. I can’t believe that I don’t have to go to jail at all. I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly happy I am. I can’t believe what I got. The fact that I don’t have to go into jail at all, the fact that I don’t have to tell my young one. I can’t begin to tell you how incredibly important that was to me and I never thought it was going to happen. You did it, you did it, you did it!

You Spoke Truthfully about What I Could Expect

In April 2010 one of our clients wrote:

I’ve decided to retain your services. I had done some prior research and you spoke truthfully about what I could expect and I value that above anything.

You Are the Only One That Cared

In May 2010 a prospective client charged with criminal OWI called, saying:

Well, I’m hiring you, I spoke to five or six other attorneys and I am hiring you because I think you are the only one that cared. That, and the fact that you were certainly the most knowledgeable.

Search for a Lawyer: 48 Hours Vs. A Few Minutes

In March 2010, a prospective client came to our office saying he made his selection of an attorney after spending 48 hours looking through CCAP records regarding attorneys and the results they achieved in his type of case. “This is what I did for 48 straight hours as soon as I got out of jail.” He indicated that he called many of the clients that we had represented to get feedback on the quality of legal representation. He said he got great reviews and that is why he came to our office.

He could have just called 414-291-9911 a few minutes after he was released from the jail. He would have saved himself a lot of time and still would have arrived at the right place for legal representation.

I’d Still Be in Prison If You Hadn’t Gone the Extra Mile

In February 2010, a client convicted of operating under the influence (5th offense) left the following voice mail:

I know you put extra work in for me. I appreciate it very much. I’d still be there in prison if you hadn’t gone the extra mile for me. You did me nothing but good. I really do appreciate it. I just wanted to give you a call and thank you for helping me like you did.

Felony weapons charges dismissed

We recently obtained a complete dismissal of charges of felony gun possession and operating under the influence (third offense) in a rural Wisconsin county. Our client faced disqualification from his profession if convicted of a felony, and his out-of-state driver’s license would have been revoked for years. Several months after the dismissal, the client called, saying:

I know I’ve thanked you many times. I just want to thank you again and let you know that I personally endorse you to any client having a legal matter. After I was arrested, I went throughout the state talking to different lawyers, and my feeling that you were the right one was absolutely correct. I never worked with a lawyer who worked as hard as you did. As the prosecution shifted positions in the case, you constantly reevaluated and adjusted and kept me fully advised. I was hoping to find a lawyer who would go the extra mile, and I certainly found him. The law is what you make it, and you made it right.

Recommendation from a relieved mother

The mother of a client charged with operating under the influence (third offense) that resulted in no charges being issued wrote us a note:

Saying thank you over the phone didn’t seem quite enough for me. I know this is your job, but it was something in your voice, that felt you really cared what happened to my daughter. I just pray that the love of my family and the professional help she is receiving will give her the strength and courage to change. I don’t know if I will ever have to recommend a lawyer in the future but if I do, it will be you.

Mother from Jackson, Wisconsin

Client pleased with sentence for OWI (3rd), OWI (4th), and OWI (5th)

A client called us from Dodge Correctional Institution after he was sentenced to two years initial confinement for operating under the influence (fourth, fifth, and sixth offense). He said he had been there for seven days and “Things were a little rough here because there are guys in here for all kinds of charges.” He said he was looking through the book and thought he would qualify for Fox Lake or Kettle Moraine. He said, “I really have to thank you. Most of the guys in here for operating under the influence (fifth offense) got three years and I had a fourth, fifth, and sixth and you know how well we did,” referring to his two-year sentence.

19 days is better than 13 years

Thank you very, very much. I’ve never walked away from a felony before with 19 days. Last time, I had a felony, I got 13 years. Send me some of your cards in the mail. I’ll pass them out. Thank you again.


Speeding ticket costs $7,200!

The mother of a 16-year-old driver from Superior, WI, called us indicating she had checked with her insurance carrier regarding the effect on her insurance of a conviction for speeding 20 over or more. She was told that the increased cost over the next 5 years would be $7,200! She was happy to pay our attorney fee for obtaining a substantial reduction on the ticket—and on her insurance rates.

Keep driving, keep your job

Many jobs require you to have a valid license and when a revocation appears likely, delay is often beneficial in the short run. Delay can be beneficial in the long run as well, even if you are eventually revoked. A client who had obtained a very good driving job was arrested for operating under the influence a few weeks after he began his new job. We suggested that we delay the case as long as possible and that he try to establish himself as a good employee and then ask for a non-driving position. Ten months after his arrest, with the case still being delayed, our client had been offered a non-driving position with the same pay and benefits. He was very grateful for our efforts in delaying the case.

My agent said she had never previously lost a probation revocation hearing

That’s what our client was told by his probation agent the day after he was released from the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility upon the ruling of the administrative law judge. The agent also told our client that now that he was out of custody, he really didn’t need a high priced lawyer. Our client knew otherwise. He knew he would have been in prison for 11 more months without our aggressive representation. Our client said to his agent, “You get what you pay for.”

I’ll do this ticket by myself

Many clients over the years have asked this question: “Should I just handle this ticket by myself?” Michael has handled many tickets for one gentleman who called last year with a new matter. After reviewing the proposed outcome, he indicated that he would simply handle it by himself. Over the next 8 months, we received numerous phone calls from him inquiring as to what he should do next, based on the offers made by the prosecutor, the adjournments, and the three rescheduled trial dates. He personally appeared in court four times. With his final phone call, he advised that the outcome was exactly as we had indicated. We recently received from him in the mail a new ticket, a check for attorney fees, and a simple note saying, “Do your best, as you always do, and let me know the outcome.”

This case demonstrates the first of two things we ask people when they ask this question. Is it economical for you to miss 2-3 hours of work for a court appearance and possibly more time for future court appearances? The second: What are the long-term consequences of a deal worked out without an attorney if the insurance consequences or license suspension consequences are not carefully considered?


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