Milwaukee OWI Defense Attorney Michael Hayes Won These OWI Case Dismissals in July 2021
September 10, 2021
Drunk, Driving
Why Do You Need a Lawyer for a Drunk Driving Charge?
June 21, 2022

Nothing was more important to me than keeping Ron on the road and out of prison

Thank you Ron for the Google review!

“He saved my CDL and kept me out of prison after my January 2021 arrest for fifth offense OWI. I have my LIFE BACK! The TRUTH speaks volumes. It took a lifetime to grow an Old Friend like Mike, as he successfully defended traffic charges against me, which has been crucial for me as an over the road truck driver. He came to the jail within 24 hours after my OWI arrest and told me he would fight like h___ to keep me out of prison and on the road. I was out of jail within a few days and after that I never missed a day of driving. Mike, my daughter, and I worked hard to assemble evidence needed for our professional engineer to establish that I was on private property – not operating on a road open to the public. He then filed a motion. Case dismissed! He’s my guy. Always. Still truckin’, Ron”

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